5 Swimming Tips for Young Champions! – Part 1

Welcome to the first instalment of our series, where we will dive into the world of swimming, specifically designed for young champions. At Rupetta Academy, we believe that with the right guidance and practice, every child can become a confident swimmer. Today, we’re sharing five essential tips to help your little one navigate the waters like a pro. Let’s make a splash!

1. Blow Bubbles

Breathing is the cornerstone of swimming, and what better way to start than by blowing bubbles? It’s a fun and easy way for children to get comfortable with breathing underwater. Encourage your child to take a deep breath, submerge their face in the water, and slowly release the breath through their mouth, creating a stream of bubbles. This exercise not only helps them control their breathing but also makes them familiar with the sensation of having their face submerged. Practising this skill can significantly boost their confidence and comfort in the water. So, let’s turn breathwork into bubble-making fun!

2. Float on Your Back

Floating on the back is an essential survival skill and the foundation for several swimming strokes. To master this, have your child lie flat in the water with their arms and legs extended outward. Remind them to relax their body and trust the water to support them. The buoyancy of the water will naturally keep them afloat. This technique teaches children about balance, body position, and the feeling of water surrounding their bodies. Mastering the art of back-floating is a significant step towards becoming a confident swimmer.

3. Kick Like a Dolphin

The dolphin kick is a powerful swimming technique that propels swimmers forward with grace and speed. To perform this, your child needs to keep their legs together, bend their knees slightly, and extend their feet backwards in a whip-like motion. It’s essential to keep the arms relaxed by the sides to maintain balance. The dolphin kick not only improves leg strength and flexibility but also introduces children to the rhythm and coordination required in swimming. So, let’s dive in and kick like a dolphin!

4. Swim Like a Fish

Swimming like a fish involves using both arms and legs to glide through the water effortlessly. Encourage your child to stretch their arms forward, kick their legs, and keep their head up to look ahead. This technique helps children understand how to use their entire body to move in the water. It’s also an excellent way to introduce them to different swimming strokes. So, it’s time to dive in and swim like a fish!

5. Have Fun!

Remember, swimming is not just about mastering techniques; it’s about having fun! Encourage your child to relax and enjoy their time in the water. Let them splash around, play games, and explore. Swimming should be a joyful experience that fosters a lifelong love for the sport. The less pressure they feel, the more likely they are to embrace swimming with open arms. So, let’s make a splash and have some fun!

In conclusion, mastering swimming involves controlling your breathing, learning to float, kicking like a dolphin, swimming like a fish, and most importantly, having fun. At Rupetta Academy, we’re here to support your child’s journey into the world of swimming. Stay tuned for Part 2 of our swimming tips series!

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Rupetta Academy Registered Trademark
UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP) No: 10087428.

Follow us for more.

Rupetta Academy Registered Trademark
UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP) No: 10087428.

Follow us for more.